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While I am new to the world of web and software development I am quickly realizing how much I am enjoying it. I started my journey into development when I realized that a lot of the smaller businesses I was working with greatly lacked proper SOP software to help them in their daily operations. Thus, I began working towards a goal of helping these growing companies.

I currently work with VWD 2008 and SQL Server 2008 as my base IED's, but have also picked up a copy of IIS 7.0 Manager to learn the vastness of IIS. My programming language of choice (currently) is Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

Because I am new to this field, you'll more than likely see a lot of seemingly simple questions being posted by me. However, I do browse the forums and if I see a question which I feel I can appropriately answer, I'm more than happy to do so!


Software Dev, Exhibits and Tradeshows, Networking



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Matt Bourassa

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